2 Funny Babies Laughing

Posted on 18 Nov 2009 In: TV & Entertainment

I found these 2 babies on Youtube and decided to put them in one clip. It’s very funny, for those who haven’t seen them yet. Enjoy 🙂

Funny Pranks – Best Pranks of 2009 compilation. Highlights of our best pranks of the year.

OSHO: Absolutely Free to Be Funny

Posted on 15 Nov 2009 In: TV & Entertainment

OSHO International Foundation – www.osho.com I Love to Disturb People. In a series of excerpts from an interview with Jeff McMullen of Australia’s “60 Minutes” Osho offers a series of one-liners about Gandhi, Hitler, the Pope and Mother Teresa — and goes on from there to talk about his reputation for being controversial, contradictory, and, in the words of the interviewer, “one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.”

www.funnyd00ds.com Drew stages a fake break in on Matt’s car. By taking Matt’s spare key, he opens the car in a local parking lot, takes a few items, then scatters some broken glass to make the window look like it was broken.


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