Funny rap music video featuring scientists demonstrating Bounty Paper Towels eye-popping durability. How many pool balls can your paper towel hold soaking wet?


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Download Link for OFFICIAL WORLD CUP SONG: Here is a picture of the Sexy Fifa World Cup 2010 Girls with Body Paint….. CHeck out our channel to see more videos like this and to see the new Video of the 14 year old kid getting SHOT IN THE FACE by an immigration officer. How sad…… England Vs USA

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  • More Than 150 Levels.
  • Report The News, As It Happens.

Product Description
Running a TV station isn’t an easy task – news stories arrive to your desk and you must broadcast them as quickly as possible. Your audience wants to get the stories while they’re still fresh! Improve your ratings and make money to upgrade your studio and transform it into the biggest 21st century news network in the world! Enjoy 150 levels in three innovative game modes, earn 25 trophies to reward your achievements, and watch historic events unfold with Breaking Ne… More >>

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very funny- Polish sketch

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Kabaret Moralnego Niepokoju


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