Capcom Games for 2009 thru 2010: Old SKool Fool gets the inside info with Capcom’s Chris Kramer on what we can expect to see from Capcom the later part of 2009 all the way through 2010 for Ps3, XBOX 360, Wii and PC! Check more out on The Gamers Voice for the latest Capcom News:

Behind the Scenes: The Skinny

Posted on 7 Nov 2010 In: TV & Entertainment

Meet the real Zen Gray… For more Exercise TV Workout Videos and Products, go to

The Guild – Episode 6: Total Wipe

Posted on 7 Nov 2010 In: TV & Entertainment

Emotions run high in the Guild after the disastrous Cheeseybeards meeting. The Guild Season 1 is available for purchase on DVD and iTunes BUY GUILD STUFF: Comic Book T-Shirts Season 3 Spires of Dragonor Poster CONNECT WITH THE GUILD: Official Fan Podcast http Created and starring Felicia Day (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Monk, House, Dollhouse). Directed by Greg Benson and Produced by Felicia Day, Kim Evey (Producer, Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show) and Jane Selle Morgan English Subtitles: Daniela Figueiredo Dutch Subtitles: Sebastiaan van Dijk Portuguese Subtitles: Daniela Figueiredo, Rodolfo Cid and SomeLazyDr Italian Subtitles: Francesco Spreafico Russian Subtitles: Roman Rausch Polish Subtitles: Krystian Aparta Greek Subtitles: Chryssa Rapessi Czech Subtitles: Jan ‘Zoidy’ Hunka Spanish Subtitles: Pablo Lopez Vila

Join us LIVE Mondays 8PM (PT) Stupid For Dexter is a weekly show hosted by Dexter fans Kat Steel and Mandy Schneider from their Kill Room. With in-depth episode analysis, interviews with criminology professionals, trivia with TV expert Paul Goebel, and much more, Stupid For Dexter is for the fans & by the fans. Tune in every Monday at 8 PM and join the live chat to share your opinions & predictions.


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