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The White Stripes Ball and Biscuit Under Blackpool Lights — This is the best version I’ve ever seen of Ball and Biscuit, and it wasn’t on YouTube! Normal quality is a joke (I don’t think it’s my fault), so use HQ. Check out the guy in the background at 1:54.


Posted on 2 Oct 2011 In: Fun

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200 Take Wonder

Posted on 30 Sep 2011 In: Fun

Thanks, Chyna, for filming the outside stuff. Thanks, Ryan, for filming that portion of the DPC show. 2nd Channel: iPhone Channel: Facebook: Twitter: Shirts: Shoes: questions: Ask a question? ___________________________________ BAND STUFF New album CD: iTunes: ___________________________________ Thanks for the wink:

Startled by Cinco de Mayo!

Posted on 28 Sep 2011 In: Fun

Today is Cinco de Mayo, and Ellen celebrated in her favorite (and festive) way… by scaring people with a hidden mariachi band!


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