It’s the season finale, and Kathy and her trusty assistant Jessica head to Vegas for an action packed weekend. But it’s a lot of work and very little play. Kathy is booked to host Alka Seltzer’s World’s Largest Buffet event, which includes a satellite media tour starting at 5:00am — not Kathy’s greatest hour. Kathy’s Vegas fun continue when she hooks up with A-list fan, Olympic skater Johnny Weir. He’s adorable, he’s androgynous, and he teaches Kathy to skate. The work of a D-lister is never done – as Kathy heads to Chicago to judge a cooking event sponsored by a random political group (hello D-List!). Next she serves as a “talent scout” on the comedy show, “Last Comic Standing.” At least she’s putting her expertise to work.

Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List - Kathy Is A Star...Kind Of

Kathy’s season long quest to claw her way to the A-List culminates in the exciting news that she has been selected to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After giving Maggie and Team Griffin the good news and heading down to Hollywood Blvd to scout locations for her star, Kathy gets a letter and realizes that it is the Palm Springs Walk of Fame she has been selected for. Desperate for publicity at her Palm Springs star dedication, Kathy calls her mentor, Suzanne Somers, and invites her to the ceremony. Ms. Somers unfortunately can’t make it, but offers to throw a fancy dinner party in her honor. Kathy and the gang head out to the desert to hang out with Ms. Somers and make a phone call to Barry Manilow to see if maybe he can make it to the dedication. He says he can’t. With no celebrities scheduled to attend, Kathy and Team Griffin brainstorm ways to get some star power at her Palm Springs star dedication.