Kathy’s home life is in chaos as the struggle with her disobedient puppy Pom-Pom continues. Besides wanting a dog that doesn’t ruin custom made furniture, there is a new reason to train these dogs, and quick. So, with time running out, her dog trainer suggests a new approach – Kathy should dress up as a rat to scare the dog into obedient submission. Kathy’s A-List pursuits continue as she gets an invitation that sounds pretty glamorous. A chic, San Francisco hotel that caters to a gay clientele wants to re-design a suite in Kathy’s style. The end result is a truly Kathy suite (sleek, sexy, modern) and a San Fran super fan gets to spend the first night in the room. The A-List offers are rolling in. Okay, not really, but the Learning Annex hires Kathy to give a class, “Stand Up: If I Can Do It, So Can You!” The crowd goes wild; it’s standing room only. At last, Kathy has found her audience – aspiring comedians at the Doubletree Hotel in Santa Monica. But will a group of corporate insurance lawyers be as kind?
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The Best of the Best, Winner of Great Indian Laughter Challenge – Sunil Pal.
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