Kathy’s trip to Iraq to entertain the troops is winding down, and just in time. The night of her last performance two rockets hit the base. No one is injured but it’s a harsh reminder that this is a war zone. Kathy returns home from Iraq exhausted. But there is no rest for this weary redhead because her niece and nephew are flying in from Chicago for a visit. Upon arrival Kathy’s niece Claire, 16, demands a driving lesson on the LA freeways in Kathy’s Mercedes. Next, the younger nephew, Johnny, breaks the fancy outdoor fountain. In an effort to impress the kids — or at least Claire — Kathy has pulled some D-List strings to set up a meeting with teen heartthrob Talan from MTV’s “Laguna Beach”. To get her puppy Pom-Pom under control, Kathy hires Renate, the German dog-whisperer. Finally everyone leaves, the house is quiet and it’s time to make “cake soup.” This is Kathy’s special pig out concoction that involves cake, ice cream, the microwave and a blender. She is finally in heaven.

Video Rating: 5 / 5