Snowman Prank Scaring Girls at the Beach, Funniest Video Ever

Subscribe to our new pranks channel PrankBros & Scary Snowman Behind the scenes Season 1 Episode 14 Exclusive Videos & Pictures Google+ T-shirts Learn more about Freaky in this newspaper article. We decided to take Freaky to the beach and see if the prank would work without snow. Sure enough we gathered a few screams and got smacked in the head. It was 88 degree that day and being in the snowman was brutal. Brian stayed in the costume for nearly 3 hours and only stopped to have water poured on his head. Please share this video, we put a lot of effort into making this happen. @thescarysnowman Official Playlist Freaky Fatality Playlist Music by Sugar Plum Dark Mix Genre: Classical Download here
Video Rating: 4 / 5