What’s a better way to spend a beautiful day than chilling at Coney Island. I heard there was a new (revive) amusement park at Coney Island by the name of “Luna Park.” It officially opened yesterday (May 29, 2010), so my girlfriend & I decided to go check it out along with a friend of mine. As we arrived, we were hungry so we ordered ourselves the world’s famous “Nathan’s Hot Dogs.” After we ate, we marched off and gazed over at some rides as we trooped to the new park. Long and behold, with our eyes wide open, it was beautiful to see the place. New rides, new games and new environment. I have to admit, they still have some work that needs to be done, but other than that, it was very nice. Last but not least, I decided to ask my girlfriend if she would ride on the oldest roller coaster called “The Cyclone.” At first she hesitated because she knows I love sitting in the front row seats and she wasn’t sure she can handle that. She then made up her mind and agreed to go with me. We got our front row seats and we’re off to the cliff. UP we go… and the rest is history. Coney Island USA Events: www.coneyisland.com The Cyclone: www.coneyislandcyclone.com Deno’s Wonder Wheel: www.wonderwheel.com Thanks for watching!