Live standup comedy from Russell Kane on Comedy Rocks with Jason Manford.
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Or at least this week! Watch this for the funniest stand-up comics from across the country take on chat lines, working out, planes, and meth. Seven nights a week, records live stand-up comedy all around the world and brings you the best of it. These are our favorite jokes about chat lines, working out, planes, meth, and a bunch of other hilarious, disgusting, true stuff. I’m sure you have some hilarious jokes about that stuff too, but trust me, this is better. For more jokes that are better than yours, head over to Calling a Chat Line If one chat line calls another chat line, who’s the loser? As Seen in Kansas Hey Clem, do you suppose “LOL” means “Lots Of Livestock?” Screamers That scream was just pain leaving my body. The other noise was gas leaving my body. Psychological Plane Ride I’m not afraid of flying, I’m afraid of crashing. Duh. One Tablespoon of Soup I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I might die with one. Tandem Skydiving How about this: you be in charge of the parachute, I’ll be in charge of the screaming and pants wetting? Farmers Market Carrots: check. Peppers: check. 150 boxes of SUDAFED: check. Attack Boredom Try doing an impression of an audience who likes impressions. Offensive Feet Pardon me, but is your foot growling? Comedians: Isaac Witty, Tyrone Hawkins, Chris Hardwick, Joe Zimmerman, Vince Morris, Maggie Faris, Ryan Hamilton, Ryan Fohl, Kjell Bjorgen, Robert Hawkins