iJustine takes her music spoofs seriously. Too seriously 🙂 And just for giggles, we went ahead and made a Music Video for “Statusfaction”: www.youtube.com ********************************** BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED! SUBSCRIBE TO THEM!!!! WRITER / DIRECTOR / EDITOR: Michael Gallagher youtube.com STARRING / MUSIC BY Justine Ezarik (aka iJustine) youtube.com CINEMATOGRAPHY BY Joe Penna youtube.com CO-STARRING: Shane Dawson as Brody Bro youtube.com Richard Ryan as Dennis the Cinematographer youtube.com Jason Horton as Jonathan the 1st AD twitter.com SPECIAL THANKS TO: Chad Sahley of Clip Critics youtube.com DANCING BY Jana Winternitz Monterey Salka ********************************** WEBSITE: totallysketch.com TWITTER twitter.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com ———————————— “Attack of The Show” did an AMAZING piece on the Music Video. They either get that this is all a joke, or not at all. Either way, here it is: g4tv.com *ATTENTION “War Of Suck” People: This is the real video we made together. “Statusfaction” was an after thought. Let us know what you really think and not just what Olivia Munn tells you to think 😉 © 2009 Totally Sketch. All Rights Reserved.